Monday, 26 November 2007

Global Warming 2

There are some interesting ideas floating around on this topic that tease the mind, fire up the imagination. One is the problem of water vapour verses CO2. The atmosphere is about .03 to .04 percent CO2 while water vapour seems to run at about 2-3 %. About 70 to 1. We are told that CO2 still has a greater green house effect per %. I have searched but can't find where that data came from. I am still looking. It should be there somewhere. Now ask a meteorologist if cloud cover significantly keeps the earth warmer at night than a clear sky, if you hadn't noticed all ready. Isn't this a greenhouse effect ? Perhaps a little simplistic you may cry. But not really. It is one of the effects of water in the atmosphere.
There are people who say higher CO2 levels cause the warming. Others that the warming causes CO2 levels to rise; that we have caused the warming and that has caused more water in the atmosphere which in turn causes more warming. Which is correct? Who knows.
By the way. Have you noticed that the satellite images showing the shrinking ice caps are of the north pole. Did you know that the south pole has actually been getting colder for about 40 years?
The earth is a very complex system. I think that we show an unbelievable arrogance in claiming we know how it works from data largely gathered in the last 50 years. I have been studying women that long and have absolutely no idea how they work. That is part of their attraction.
The earth will do what she pleases with or without us. Conservation is about looking after our environment for the greater good of our species and all the other species on earth. It is the least we can do. But the final arbiter is the earth herself. She will decide our future. She and the universe.

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